Jan. 26th, 2008

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I left the major and his partner at mess to deal with the supply captain. It was interesting, to see how cool and controlled the major was, how handily he dealt with Captain Utrov. For all his indulgence and passion, the major's got a kind of ruthless streak too.

I like that.

I wanted to stick around to see what happened, but I had to...make arrangements for the evening. I didn't figure I'd miss much, and what I had in store was a lot better...

'There's no art in hypocrisy if you flaunt it' )
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We're getting to know each other better.

It's interesting. He comes from an entirely different world than I do. I guess most everyone does, in a way, but I like hearing about his life, his job. His old friends.

I guess he'll be heading back to them, one day.

Carpe Diem, someone told me once. Seize the day. Live for the moment.

Guess I will.

I always do.

'...I won't forget you.' )
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I had something to tell him. Something to confess.

It would have been easier if I hadn't. Probably. At least until it came out. And it probably would have, one way or the other. That would have been worse.

Still, this wasn't easy.

There are things I shouldn't have done in the first place, but...

Hindsight, like they say.

Maybe foresight would serve me better.

'We've passed the point where we can pretend to be strangers, then.' )

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