Jul. 25th, 2007

eyes_adrift: (long hair)
It began normally enough.

Evening in Groznyj Grad, and like usual, Leshovik and I were prowling around rooftops, trying to get a bead on the target. Leshovik had thought he'd found the target's quarters the other night, so we found the perfect rooftop nest and set up to wait.

Leshovik and I talked a little, but he seemed preoccupied. That was fine. Snipers are patient. I can wait a long time. So can Leshovik, actually, though you wouldn't think so.

We didn't have long to wait before I caught sight of the target and things took off from there.

When we got back, well, things got a little ugly.

But then...they got better.

'I don't always like Leshovik's attitude,' he remarked, hiding his smile as he turned away, easing his undershirt up and over the over-broad span of his shoulders. 'But I can't fault his taste.'  )
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