Jul. 17th, 2007


Jul. 17th, 2007 01:48 pm
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We're a black ops squad. No pasts, no identities, no accountability. At least that's the way Leshovik tells it. I guess it's true, at least for the latter two things.

The first, I'm not so sure about. On paper, we're dead men, of course, but each of us had a life before we became ghosts, and we carry that past with us. And since we're not supposed to exist anymore, all of those things that happened before have become secrets.

Leshovik carries a rifle cartridge in his pocket. 7.62x54mm, standard issue Russian military. Been in service for ages. They originally made it for the Mosin-Nagant, but our Dragunovs use it too.

He takes it out sometimes when he thinks I'm not watching, and looks at it. One time, when he was asleep, I fished it out of his pocket, and took at look at it more closely. The brass was tarnished dark, but along the length of the cartridge, I could make out an inscription, neatly engraved, but clearly done by hand. One word.

Actually, one name.

Leshovik's real name. He told it to me once. He doesn't like me using it. But for some reason, he always carries around a bullet with his name on it.

Guess he used to know someone with a twisted sense of humor.

Lynx and Lemsky have secrets too, but they're better about keeping them. Lemsky's always going off places and doing things nobody understands. Science stuff, but he talks about it like it's art. He knows we don't understand, but he keeps talking about it anyway, just to listen to himself talk and be impressed by how smart he sounds, I guess.

I don't like him. There's something...I don't know. He scares me worse than Lynx.

Lynx, I don't get sometimes. He's smart and he always stays calm, and he always knows what to do. He's definitely our leader. Even Leshovik listens to him, and follows his orders. But sometimes, when Lynx is by himself, I see him staring off into the middle distance, like he's trying to remember something. Which, sure, everyone does that - but I've seen him do it for a really long time. And he doesn't blink, either. I think there's a lot more going on in his head than he ever says.

Me? Well, yeah, I have my secrets too.

My code names - both of the ones I use, both in-person, and over Codec - seemingly refer to my eyesight. Not that I'm trying to brag, but it is very good. It's been confirmed at 20/10, which is pretty much the upper limit of human visual acuity. Birds of prey have 20/2.

That's not my secret.

None of my current comrades know this, but there is another reason why they call me Eyes Adrift. Ever since I was eight years old, I've been a part of the KGB Remote Viewing program.

They call it extra-sensory perception. It's practiced by psychics who can see beyond physical limitations using the sheer power of their minds to focus in on their targets.

Sounds crazy, huh? But ask yourself this - if you had a person who could see beyond sight, then what better assignment to give him than black ops spotter?

Guess you're wondering if it's real. Well, that's my secret too.

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