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And then, things got even better...

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: At the sound of the Aryol's deep cries, Alexei pulled back, reluctantly.

He grunted softly in response, aware of his own arousal.

"Easy," he whispered, letting Aryol's legs slip gently down around his body. "I still want to have you like a man, Eyes Adrift," he said, meeting his feverish, dark eyes.

He settled, sitting, but kept momentum. Alexei leaned forward and wrapped his arms around the young soldier's shaking body, pulling him forward.

Now Aryol was straddled over his lap, cradled between his chest and the incline of his thighs. His prick pressed against Lynx's outward-trained stomach, leaving spare kisses of glistening dew.

Alexei knew how broad and hard his own cock was, and that Aryol knew it too.

"Do you want me?" he whispered, fingers sliding up into Aryol's ass, gently, almost without resistance. Two large fingers, beckoning and rubbing the sensuous flesh deep within that felt the swollen curve of a plum.

"Or should I let you go?"

The cries might have roused Leshovik, after all, and while Lynx wasn't afraid of the bastard, he didn't really want to make Aryol's night any worse.

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol nodded hard, swallowing, fighting to recover his breath.

He wrapped his arms fiercely around Lynx's neck, arching his spine as he felt Lynx's penetration.

Just fingers, but he wanted more. He needed it.

He locked gazes with Lynx, his eyes fierce and piercing.

"Don't let me go," he said, breathless and low, half a snarl, almost like a warning.

"Don't you dare," he growled.

Aryol brought his mouth to Lynx's and kissed him, his lips aggressive and bruising, vehement with hunger. He kissed Lynx long and hard enough to show him that he meant it.

He broke off then, to recover his breath and to search Lynx's clear eyes again. Aryol's jaw was taut and his gaze unrelenting, determined.

"I want you. Have me like a man. Take me," he goaded, tightening his grip around Lynx's neck.

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: Alexei's jaw trembled slightly, but otherwise he kept iron control.

"All right," he said, softly.

He withdrew his fingers slowly and lowered Aryol's body, so that the fluid-slick glans of his cock was poised to penetrate, barely glancing the puckered entrance.

Alexei's hands caressed Aryol's loins as he eased him down, slowly, feeling the give of his body.

Slowly, filling him. Becoming one with him.

When he had fed Aryol his whole cock, he stopped to breathe in, and then gave one last small nudge, seating him all the way to the hilt.

His eyes sought the spotter's, liquid and warm.

"There," he whispered, "now put your arms around me."

His prick raged internally, desperate to move, but he was not a man to be controlled by baser instinct- he was a man to own and retrain it to his pleasure.

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol closed his eyes, arching, slowly and carefully wrapping his arms around Lynx's back.

"You're huge," he breathed, and tightened his grip, pressing his chest closer and nestling his head against Lynx's broad shoulder.

He rested like that, just breathing, letting himself adjust. He felt full and swollen inside, stretched and permeated. Lynx was easily the biggest man he had ever taken.

But after a few more moments, he breathed out, and rocked his hips experimentally. Once, then twice, then falling into a gentle motion.

He arched his head and pressed his mouth against Lynx's neck, nuzzling and licking, then falling into a kiss that turned wet and sucking.

Aryol brought his hands to Lynx's firmly muscled buttocks, fingers digging in but barely finding any purchase along the perfect, unyielding muscle.

He ran his hands up, then, and stroked Lynx's spine, driving the rhythm faster. Harder and deeper, bearing down, wanting Lynx to feel it.

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: Alexei's arms clasped tightly, holding, restraining.

He let Aryol fight for his pleasure, struggling against the stricture of his embrace.

"Closer," he said, against Aryol's ear. "I want to feel your cock against me. Want to feel your skin."

The friction was almost maddening. Every nerve in his prick was at the threshold of frenzy.

"Lover," he shuddered, soothingly, stroking Aryol's back with rough and tender hands. "Look at me. Look at my eyes."

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol shivered in Lynx's embrace, and pulled back, slowing.

With Leshovik, it was so often about need, about raw and driving pleasure taken to its climax, almost rushed, lest something more tender start to interfere.

But there were times when it was different, and Leshovik's touch lingered in intimate spots, and he kissed Aryol more slowly and murmured things into his skin.

Those times never seemed to last, though. Afterward, Leshovik was always more distant.

Aryol's breath hitched a little, and he felt his body tremble.

Slowly, he lifted his gaze.

He met Lynx's eyes with a soft and liquid gaze, struck uncertain by the emotion, though he felt it deeply. Lynx had eyes that were clear and honest, deeply penetrating.

Aryol felt vulnerable then, like Lynx knew things about him that he'd never shared with anyone. He swallowed, hard.

Gradually, carefully, he adjusted his position, shifting forward until his stiffened cock rested flush against Lynx's belly and their torsos shared heat.

He re-situated his arms around Lynx's broad torso, holding him close, and intimately, though it made him shiver.

"Like this?" he asked, softly, meeting Lynx's gently glowing gaze.

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: Alexei cupped Aryol's face, moving his large thumb gently across the young soldier's flushed and trembling lower lip.

"Like that," he agreed, burying his own lips in Aryol's ashen tresses.

He rose up on his knees, moving his own hips slowly, kissing the dark, short locks and feeling Aryol's weight astride him, encompassing him.

"Heavy as gold," he whispered, "but warm as the sun."

Alexei drew back, returning his eyes to Aryol's, mirroring the fire back and forth between them.

"Does it feel good to you?"

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol nodded, slowly.

He could feel Lynx inside him, solid and hot, possessing him with tender, gentle motions.

It was different, to be this way, looking at Lynx with a leveled gaze, holding each other as equals.

His hands, which had been hungry and grasping before, now slowed and turned tender. He rubbed circles into Lynx's shoulder blades, trailing down his spine and nestling at the small of his back, quiet fingertips caressing.

Aryol's breathing evened, and he shifted gently, still holding Lynx's gaze.

"Don't you want - "

He broke off, and shook his head. "You're so gentle," he said, quietly, glancing down. "It's nice."

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: Lynx drew a breath, slowly shifting his body forward and lowering Aryol to the ground.

Kissing his lips, covering him.

He heard the rain hammering rock outside.

"I'm gentle," he intoned, "because I want to be gentle."

His thrusts were deep and slow, thoroughly realized, and he slid his body along the other soldier's with weight and heat behind the motion.

He reached for Aryol's wrists once more, and pinned his arms above the his head with both hands, increasing his leverage and the angle of his penetration.

The motions of his hips were powerful, muscle-driven. Short, sharp and sweet.

"Come," he shuddered. "Come against my body. Come on my cock. Come for me."

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol gasped.

He arched and shifted, rocking with the rhythm, straining, stomach fluttering.

He remembered what Lynx had whispered against his skin earlier, about shaping him, and wearing him down. He hadn't understood what that meant then, but he did now.

Lynx had untrained his rote responses, first by shocking him out of his expectations, then by stripping him bare. Now, he nudged and guided, and drew Ayrol closer, finessing him.

Now that was control, he thought, remembering the argument between Lynx and Leshovik that he'd overheard.

Each purposeful thrust stroked him just so, striking precisely to chase deep tremors of pleasure through him. Aryol's breath came harder, but in low quiet gasps.

He was used to men taking what they wanted, but this was all for him.

His cock throbbed and twitched, incited by the friction, striking Lynx's belly with every thrust until it pulsed hard and tightened, then shot warm fluid between them, wetting both their stomachs.

He shuddered, realizing then that Lynx had meant for it to be this way, to drive Aryol's pleasure, and let him come first.
[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: Alexei felt the splatter of heat, and how their torsos glided as he thrust, slicked with Aryol's fluid.

The young soldier's orgasm had been silent and powerfully gripping, and Lynx closed his eyes, feeling the waves and ripples of his muscles responding, even now, after the fact of ejaculation.

"...I'm going to come now," he murmured, throatily, leaning forward to kiss the side of Aryol's mouth.

"...Can I come inside you?"

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol quivered in the aftermath, flush with warmth, body turning languid but still rocking in time with Lynx's quiet, purposeful rhythm.

He trembled at the question; no one had ever asked before, but rather, had assumed. It had never occurred to him that people even asked.

"Da," he breathed, softly. "I want that."

And he did want to feel it, the strength in those loins and the pulse of heat inside him, filling him with brightness.

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: Lynx pulled him closer in response, increasing his motions, holding Aryol against his chest, his arm like an iron bar around the the spotter's back.

He set into a lightly battering rhythm, swiftly pumping into the stricture of heat and sensation, and his breath changed.

Alexei watched Aryol's dark gazed through the veiled haze of imminent climax, loving the satiation there. The ingenuous curiosity, the hungry fascination.

When he triggered he made a soft, rough noise, a warning. The ascension was rapid and bombastic for him, and at the apex of orgasm his force became almost violent, but as he shot off into Aryol's body, he felt simple, physical pleasure overtake him at the act of coming inside a beautiful man.

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol smiled then, and let out a low, pleased laugh, tightening his arms around Lynx's back and pressing his face against the older man's skin.

It felt like he'd almost come again, such was the force and strength of Lynx's climax, and the warmth that filled him.

"That was good," he whispered, still fairly breathless. "I like the way you do that."

Aryol had been fucked plenty of times, but tender, slow sex like this was rare.

He breathed out, and closed his eyes, now languid with satisfaction, laying back in Lynx's embrace, one hand stroking idly across Lynx's broad, strong back.

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: Alexei smiled slightly.

"Any way is good, as long as it's done for the right reason," he said, obliquely, casting his eyes toward Aryol with a half-lidded gaze.

His hands rubbed through the thick, dark hair almost teasingly.

It was a little shaggier than he remembered when he first laid eyes on Aryol, standing a little behind Leshovik with an unassuming expression on his face, and a slightly submissive inclination of his head.

Lynx had only given him the minutest of nods, an upward check of his jaw, and gone about the mission specifics.

Even two days ago, he'd hardly spoken to the spotter, except for business and pleasantries.

And then had come chess. And he'd played chess with Aryol. Won a few, lost a few.

Now Alexei was lying on the floor of his bivouac in godforsaken Tselinoyarsk, just having made love to him, cradling his spent body in ruthless and killing arms.

It was surreal, and it almost made him able to forget about Yevgeny, and how he'd been cast out of their life together, which had once been home, unorthodox as it was.

Now he had no home, no lover.

But home was where you found it.

"You love him," he said, after a moment, quietly, his lips grazing Aryol's ear in an absent caress. "...but you can always come to me."

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol frowned and raised his head so he could look into Lynx's eyes with a slow, bruised gaze.

"You're going to make me leave?" he asked, quietly, but then looked away.

"You said those things..."

He had to stop, and breathe out slowly. Aryol stayed quiet for a few moments, unable to meet Lynx' eyes.

"He makes it really hard to love him," he finally said. "I've tried for three years, but nothing ever changes."

He raised his chin then, and his eyes were the pitch-dark of a clear and moonless night, holding Lynx's steadily. "And I'm tired of it."

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: Alexei paused, eyes in stasis. Soft with incredulity.

"No..." he said, slowly. "I'm not asking you to leave."

He tightened his arms, as if to illustrate the statement.

"I'm saying that if you need to leave, if you need to go to him....you can."

He had no doubt that Aryol spoke the truth. It would be hard to love Leshovik....consistently...although he could be quite winsome at rare times.

Alexei searched the young soldier's gaze carefully.

"What...do you want to do? You can stay as long as you want. I'm not afraid of Leshovik. If he's angry, so be it."

He kissed the spotter's neck, briefly.

"That was perfect, just now. I couldn't ask for more. You make great coffee, too."

This last was said with a touch of wryness and a fleeting twitch of amusement.

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol grinned, then, and felt suddenly less unsure of himself, though he drew in a still-shaky breath. He laughed a little, almost in relief.

He had told Lynx this would be simple, just a naughty fuck with a nice guy. More of a way to get back at Leshovik than anything.

But he hadn't expected to have soft and tender words whispered into his ear, to be held and touched like a lover.

Maybe this was reckless, but right now, it was better than being yelled at.

"I'm glad you like the coffee," he said, softly. "And I know you're not afraid of him. I'm not afraid of him, either."

Aryol's brows drew together, sharp and thoughtful.

"Let me go get my things, and I'll tell him what I'm doing, and then I'll come back. And stay."

He met Lynx's bright and clear-eyed gaze again. "All right?"

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: Lynx's brows inverted mildly.

"What...are you going to tell him?"

He hadn't meant to steal Leshovik's....

Leshovik's what? And had he?

He frowned.

"How are you going to work with him? You still have to spot his shots..."

His hands eased over Aryol's lower back, and down his buttocks, without thinking.

But Aryol was his own man.

If he wanted to move his sleeping kit, he was entitled.

"Do what you need to do," he said, with a nod. "I'll be here."

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol sighed, softly.

"I don't know how it's going to work, in the field. He probably won't - "

He frowned then. "He'll probably won't want to work with me."

A sharp and bitter note panged in his chest, and Aryol glanced down, falling silent.

He became aware of the rain again, a steady presence outside the cave that sounded like distant, constant thunder. Aryol knew that in here, they were safe, protected, but if they ventured out, they'd be caught in the torrent.

Aryol looked back at Lynx, eyes hooded.

"Do you want me not to do this, for the good of the mission? Stay with him so he'll be focused, and be able to do his job?"

He knew, better than most, what it meant to be part of team, and the things you gave up in the name of fraternity.

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: Lynx frowned.

"The mission will be carried out, no matter what. I want you to do what's best for you. What will help you do your job."

He paused.

"You're a sniper, too, right?"

Alexei eased his hand over the pearled effluvient that glossed Aryol's stomach, rubbing the slickness slowly into his olive skin.

He knew that instead of simply giving Aryol the option of being with him, he could influence Aryol to leave Leshovik, could exploit this interlude to throw the sniper off his mark for Volgin's sake-

but he couldn't look at the young soldier and deny him the right to cast his own lot.

He cupped Aryol's face, and leaned forward, seeking his dusky lips.

A kiss, slow and deep.

"Either way," he murmured, "I'll be behind you."

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol nodded, eyes drifting shut briefly.

Lynx said things like that easily, as if they were normal, as if they were simply things that anyone would do or say. He never hesitated, or had to consider his words. Selfless encouragement seemed to be second nature.

He knew that Lynx's specialty made him a bare-hand killer, but that persona seemed far from the man who had taken a young spotter into his bed and touched him so carefully.

Aryol didn't understand that, but he knew that a chance like this didn't come around often.

He drew in a slow breath.

"All right. Thanks."

He leaned up to give Lynx a kiss in return, lips grazing, quick and playful. But then he gently extricated himself from Lynx's grasp and slipped out of the bedroll.

As he moved he felt cooling liquid trickle down his thighs, and shivered, glancing back at the older man, mouth quirking. He liked that Lynx had come inside him, so Aryol could go get his things in Leshovik's tent with another man's claim on him.

Aryol went to the camp chair then and grabbed his clothing, stepping into the jumpsuit, not bothering with shorts first, tying the sleeves around his waist and pulling on his tank. He stepped into his boots one at a time, but left the rest of his gear there.

He moved over to the tent flap, but paused before he went out. "I'll be back," he murmured, and flashed a quick smile.
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