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He's a nice guy.

I've known some nice guys, and some not-so-nice guys in my time. The not-so-nice ones were bad enough to make Leshovik look good, which I guess is saying something.

Not that Leshovik's a bad guy, it's just...

I don't know.

It's hard, sometimes. And now he's with Lynx.

I thought it was going to be different. I thought the three of us were going to all be together, like back at the cave. But I guess everything's different now. I haven't really seen Lynx around. Leshovik's avoiding me.

And I don't like being alone.

It wasn't like I was looking for someone, but I found him anyway.

And...it's different with him. I know he's older than me, but somehow, it doesn't feel like it. He's just fun to be with.

I don't know if this is the start of something...

...but I like it.

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: There was a strain, a sudden shift in the tensions of the man's body. A certain need to his kiss, a vulnerability. It caught Aryol by surprise and made him hold still, trying to understand what he was sensing.

He didn't know if he'd said something wrong, or somehow hurt the MVD officer's feelings, by comparing what they did. Not many men wanted to be put in the same category as an assassin.

It almost seemed to be something more, though, some deeper hurt. Even though he didn't understand it, his chest ached in sympathy.

"It's okay," he murmured, and stroked back the tawny, ash blond hair. "Don't worry. Just close your eyes. It'll be all right."

He kissed the man's mouth, slowly and sweetly, with all the tenderness and devotion he felt for him, even after so short an association. It wasn't hard at all for Aryol to feel that way, given what they had shared, the fulfillment of deep-seated needs.

Aryol lifted his lips from the man's mouth and kissed his face, his eyes, and his brow, all gently, but with increasing passion. He wanted this man to know he could be loved, that he didn't have to be alone, separated from the man he cared for so deeply.

He let his lips trail down and he kissed hungrily at the man's bared throat, accepting the offering, devouring it. As much hunger and lust he felt, he felt in equal portions comradeship and affection, and he tried to show it by not just ravaging the man's throat, but lingering, worshipping the soft skin.

As he kissed, his hands gently coaxed the man's shirt fully open, tugged his pants past his hips, exposing his lover's vulnerable flesh, then covering it with his own.

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: Nika exhaled deeply in a rush, responding with full complicity.

He was engulfed by the sensation of tenderness, forcefully peppering his skin, brought by lips and fingertips and tongue.

He seized the young soldier's hair, rough and gentled all at once, fingers clasping and drawing his eyes upward so that their gazes locked.

"Do you want to make love?" he asked, thickly, his voice low and transformed.

Rash, but he meant it.

"Even if you don't know my name."

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol let out a soft gasp, shuddering at the suddenness of the break, at the force the man used to quell him, which was inexorable and shockingly tender.

He searched the man's gaze, a perfect clarity brimming in the dark of his eyes.

"Absolutely," he said, with quiet certainty.

"Your name doesn't matter."

He brought his hand to the center of the MVD major's chest, above his sternum, and pressed it against the bare skin briefly.

"You live in here. And here," he added, raising his hand to the man's temple.

His mouth curved upward, gently.

"That's who I want to make love to."

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: It was possible, Liadov knew, to love someone and never touch them.

It was possible to touch someone and never love them.

It was possible to know someone and touch them, and never make love to them.

Perhaps it was entirely too possible to know enough to make love despite not having a word for the man you embraced.

His arms wrapped around the Specialist's sculpted young body, and Liadov met his dark eyes without flinching. It was hard to hold a man's gaze like that, almost painful in its intimacy, but he did it, relishing the agony of exposure like honey.

"I would have made it different for you," he breathed, against the soldier's lips. "I would have given you a different life."

It occurred to him that this young man might very well have been no older than his milaya ninochka, back in his house in Moscow, chastely pining, asleep in his bed.

The thought struck him hard and hurt him.

He wondered if his altruism would have held true if instead of a beautiful daughter, Tivorosky had a beautiful son.

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: It struck him, in a way that he didn't fully understand, but yet still felt keenly. The idea of having a different life was so alien and impossible it could be easily dismissed, save for the conviction with which the man spoke.

As if the timing had been right, he really could have been the one that made everything different.

On most days, Aryol couldn't imagine not having lived the life he'd led. He wouldn't be the same person if those things hadn't happened to him. However painful, they made him who he was.

But the fantasy that he never harbored because it would be too painful stirred within him at the man's words. If instead of grasping and greedy old men, he'd been claimed by an entirely different sort of benefactor. This man. This soulful, considerate man.

It hurt him then, like it so rarely did, to think about what had been.

His eyes burned with sudden emotion, and he could only trust himself to swallow and nod.

Aryol exhaled, and let out a soft breath, his chest aching acutely, pain hooded by his gaze.

He licked his lips, then summoned a slight, wan smile.

"Make it different for me now," he whispered.

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: Liadov rolled over so that he faced the dark soldier in a tangle of limbs.

"Milay," he breathed, light-headed, weighted by passion. "Moyo solnyshko."

No, he thought, you can't give him a cure for a mishandled childhood. Not by...

Loving him for a night?


It could take the sting away. Heal some encapsulated wounds that festered beneath old, unloved scars.

"Have you ever been loved?" he asked, searching this comrade's inscrutable gaze with his own.

He could feel the particular shine of his green eyes, bright with pain.

Pain began to burn like wood in the heat between them, and he felt the nature of catharsis keenly.

"Have you ever loved anyone?"

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol's smile brightened, just a little, fanned by the sudden motion of the man's body now pressed up against and covering his.

His question, though, made Aryol's chest pang.

"I've loved," he said, softly, remembering things about Leshovik that made his heart soar. The occasional bouts of tenderness, the gentle apologies, the gruff admissions of affection.

But he thought about the way things were now, how Leshovik had hastened to leave his company at mess, without even a glance back, presumably to find Lynx.

He thought about Lynx, who had promised things with words and touches and now wasn't around, either.

He loved Leshovik. He could have loved Lynx.

Aryol held the man's gaze. It would have been too easy to look away, to hide his shame, but he owed the man no less than honesty.

"But...I don't know if I've ever been loved," he finished, quietly, shrugging. "Maybe. But it would almost make it worse, if that's what it was."

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: Nika breathed out.

"Never mind," he said softly. "Let me give you the love I've been keeping."

He moved to draw the soldier close, kissing the side of his mouth.

His hand stroked down a muscled arm, until it came to the hardness of a wrist, and then slid over it, deftly and silently clasping the hand below.

Palm against palm. It carried an intimacy that he had always feared it would.

He shuddered and interlaced their fingers tightly.

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol shivered at the gesture, which was unexpected and affecting, almost too painful to bear.

It pained the man, too, Aryol could tell, just by the deep crease that furrowed his brows and the tension in his body.

At the same time, Aryol couldn't let go. Not now. Not when they were on the brink of something beautiful.

The lock of their mutual grip kept his hands from shaking, but Aryol's body quivered as he leaned up and brought his lips to the soft and tender mouth of the man who sought to truly become his lover.

Earlier, his kiss had been bold and sure, but now it was almost tentative, as if he'd never kissed before and had to go slowly in order to figure it out.

The press of lips and the parting of his mouth, the taste of the man on his tongue, Aryol savored like it was new, and as if he had it to do all over again.

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: Liadov shifted, raising up on his arm, without disrupting the ballet of mouths, drawing the jumpsuit down the soldier's arms with careful hands, as if he were an untried novice.

As if they both were.

"Your skin," he said, vaguely, admiring, but not qualifying the statement as anything other than wholly approving.

His mouth touched down on the hollow between shoulder and neck, and he lapped at the salted depression.

Nika kissed everywhere, slowly, mapping each inch, fingers following the progress of his lips. Tattooing the stranger in minute and feathery caresses, turning and gliding on the sensuous point of his tongue.

His tension began to dissipate, leaving only a certain sweet weakness.

Liadov hid it with lowered eyes, and controlled his shaking hands by laying them on the soldier.

He returned periodically to kiss the soldier's mouth, always halting and tender with restraint.

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: It was slow and soft between them, a careful testing of the boundaries, exploring each other's bodies.

Aryol pulled the man's shirt back and around his shoulders, helping him out of it, baring the cream-smooth skin. He brought his hands down the man's back, stroking the length of him, closing his eyes and learning by touch these new contours.

He had memorized Leshovik, but the MVD Major's body was wholly different. Sleeker, but less dense with swelling muscle. Not soft at all - no, this man was in good shape, the definition of his body evident under Aryol's fingertips.

It was unhurried between them, and he took his time about undressing the operativnik, pausing to kiss him in between.

He divested the man of his trousers, and the man helped him shed his jumpsuit in turn. They tossed their shed clothing away, onto the floor.

"Please," he whispered, simply, when they were both fully naked, pressed skin to skin.

Aryol took one of his hands and threaded his fingers through the man's once more, then brought up his arm and pressed a kiss against the thrumming pulse on the inside of the man's wrist.

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: Nika shuddered, and replaced his wrist- stole the Black Operative's mouth with his own, before pulling back, and bringing the soldier's legs up over his shoulders.

"I need you," he murmured, feverishly. "I can't hold back any longer."

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol swallowed, nodding breathlessly, shivering.

"Please," he whispered.

He arched to accommodate the man, easing under the arc of his body. Aryol brought his arms to the man's sides and drew him closer, wanting to feel skin flush against skin, wanting the hard length inside him.

"Come here," he murmured. "Take me, now."

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: Liadov's brows broke, uncertainly, and he paused.


He was hard, and shaking with need, but his conscience intervened sharply, even in the wanton face of the pleading, breathless soldier who entreated him to push inside with no regrets.

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: "Oh," Aryol murmured, frowning briefly. "Sorry."

He'd been so flush and euphoric with pleasure, he'd forgotten they were in his room, not the major's.

Aryol licked his lips and looked around, trying to remember where he'd put the tin of lube. With everything that had happened, he hadn't had a chance to unpack.

It would be difficult, without any, and probably unwise.

He flashed a small and apologetic smile.

"No...you're right. Let met get it."

Carefully he freed himself from the man's shaking embrace, then slipped out of bed and dug through his kit, finding the tin in a pocket.

He smiled as he returned to the man and climbed back in bed.

"Didn't mean to make you wait when you really need it," he said, soothingly, but wasted no time in getting the man slick and ready.

"All right?" he questioned, easing himself back again, drawing the operativnik to him.

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: Liadov exhaled, smiling wryly from beneath an overhang of soft blond as he held the soldier's eyes.

"That's all right," he intoned. "Good things come to those who wait."

But the fever returned in force, and he claimed the stranger's mouth with intent.

Nika leaned in, letting the tip of his cock breach the fault. He shoved smoothly, the warm vaseline easing matters without incident, and the man opened for him beautifully, gasping against his mouth.

"Oh god," he whispered, thickly, grasping the dark hair in his fingers, kissing it tenderly. "Love me."

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol arched, feeling the man inside him, shuddering down the full length of his body, savoring the sensation.

"You feel good," he breathed, his body tightening, instinctively falling into a rhythm.

After all the tender foreplay, this was much more heated and passionate, the athletic rocking of their bodies clenched and arcing in unison.

Aryol grasped the man to him, fingers digging into his back, moving lithely against him.

He kissed the man's face, his mouth, his neck, breaking off to breathe hard, head bowed against his skin.

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: Nika fell into the act, like falling into a restless, beautiful hypnotic trance. He was fucking the soldier with a relentless lullaby rhythm, feeling every shift and clutch of his body, and the interplay between their hungry physiques.

The searing kisses that fell all over his face brought him nearly to the point of madness.

Isaev flashed into his mind, unbidden, and the night he had shot Janek Ferenc- Ilarion had kissed him like that- devouring, adoring, over his cheeks and jaw and brow...

But the soldier's dark eyes sent the memory spinning away into a dark corner of his mind, and made the present paramount- and mounting.

"This is where I would whisper your name," breathed Liadov. "If I knew it."

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: "Oh god," Aryol breathed.

He almost told the man his name then and there, but something held his tongue, and he found himself unwilling to surrender a magic so powerful, at least not in that way.

Not now, not yet.

His body yielded, though, and bucked and gave against his lover's, pitching quicker in rhythm.

He remembered that he actually did know the man's name - Nika - but it had been overheard. Accidentally volunteered, and that wasn't sporting.

Aryol held it back, even as he shivered into the hungry driving force.

"Mark me," he goaded, low and urgently, breathless. "Come inside me and mark me, and I'll be yours, regardless."

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: Liadov's hips pitched in response, and he fell forward on his hands, redoubling his thrusts and striking deep, feeling himself tip into climax.

Words spilled from parted lips, on the edges of labored, passionate breath.

"Da, Black Eyes. I'm going to shoot my seed into you," he groaned, shivering. "So deep you'll never efface the mark."

He did.

The culmination of their tryst was loud, at least on Liadov's part, an disinhibited primal yell, and a shuddering of his form as his cock shot ropes of fluid inside the clutch of the soldier's strong, riding body.

But he kept on, pushing through his climax, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth, wanting to feel the Black Operative convulse in paralytic ecstasy around him.

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: The force of the MVD major's orgasm broke against him like the tide, streams of pleasure washing through him, rocked by a sudden wave.

The man yelled loud, utterly uninhibited, and it was breathtaking for Aryol, who'd learned to always come quietly, every audible expression of passion hushed necessarily while in the field.

But it was that yell and the man's uninterrupted thrusting that made his body catch and convulse and shoot seed between them, splattering across his lover's belly.

His cry was soft and breathless, almost eerily quiet, though no less heartfelt.

Aryol fell back, breathing hard and quivering, flushed warm and bonelessly supple by his lover's potency.

"That was good," he whispered, smile curving, playing at his lips drowsily.

His brow creased, slightly.

"Do we know each other now?" he asked. "Like real lovers?"

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: Liadov was speechless for a few minutes, having collapsed lightly atop him.

His whole body was alight with mellow fire, like embers that glowed and sang in pleasure.

He raised his head, almost dazedly, pushing his hair out of his face.

And he smiled, very mildly and slowly.

"What do you think?"

He made no move to withdraw right away, but reached up languidly to brush damp strands of coal black away from the soldier's gently conflicted eyes.

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: "Maybe," Aryol said, slyly and playfully, and kissed the man's fingers, grinning, feeling warm and pleased and full.

"Oh, that was good," he murmured. "Perfect."

He let out a long sigh, and shivered as he felt the man still inside him, his very presence there a source of warmth.

Aryol was too spent to worry much about anything else, but he met the man's eyes, knowing and smug.

"I don't know," he said, after a few moments, cocking his head in consideration. "Maybe we'll have to do this a few more times before we can say anything."

His gaze sparked with mischief.

"We could say that after you make love to me five more times, I can tell you what letter my name starts with."

Aryol laughed then, and leaned up to kiss the man's full and passionate mouth.

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: Liadov laughed, surprised.

"All right," he said, smiling coyly. "...But I thought no one in Black Ops has a name anymore."

He paused, nuzzling the side of the soldier's face, feeling the stiff, tingling brush of stubble against his lips and chin.

"Or...do you mean your code name?"

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol shrugged, the motion only a slight rise and fall of his shoulders.

"I have both," he said. "A real name and a code name. I'll tell you either one you want to know...or both."

His look grew more intent, and he raised a hand up to touch the man's face. His brow, his cheek, his jaw.

"Or I could tell you now," he said, more softly, his eyes quietly serious.

"Are we ready to be introduced?"

Aryol's mouth twitched then.

"Or should we wait longer?"

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: Liadov's eyes lowered, lashes sweeping down. The caress of the man's hand was easy and genuine in its commission. It made him shiver.

"I don't know," he admitted, quietly.

He wanted to know, and yet, something about not knowing had a certain poetic beauty to it.

"I don't suppose I'll be able to avoid learning your code name," he said, after a moment. "But your real name...how many people know it?"

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol thought about that, and realized he'd never told Lynx, and Lynx had never asked.

"My partner," he said, and then remembered he'd told Kasya and Niotkuda at the range, because it had been pertinent to the discussion.

"And two other people. And however many people know it from my file, or were...people I used to know."

He paused to run a hand through the man's hair, in the slow brushing motion that pleased him.

He didn't really have to say anything more about those people, the ones he used to know. Some things he kept tucked away in the past where they belonged, stored in a vault where they could lie dormant and cold.

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: "Your partner..."

Liadov's voice was satiny and pleased, but curious.

"The man I met today at mess?"

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol nodded.

"Did he introduce himself? His code name is Leshovik."

He recalled that the MVD major and Leshovik had been having a rather pleasant, if someone heavily philosophical discussion.

Strange, for Viktor, but then again, he'd been acting strange lately.

"It seemed like you were getting along just fine," he offered, raising a brow.

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: Nika smiled.

"Yes, I liked him. He was quick-witted. Intelligent eyes. He reminded me, in some ways, of a friend of mine. Though...warmer. He seems like he has hot blood, your comrade."

After a moment, he had a thought.

"Is there some animosity between you? I noticed he gave you a few sharp stares, and you..."

He paused, laughing slightly.

"Well, you got in a few subtle digs on him as well."

His hand idly rubbed the soldier's cooling silken fluid over his chest, into his skin.

"Or is it just one of those partnerships with functional antagonism?"

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol frowned as he mulled it over, trying to decide how to explain. It was hard, when he didn't even know what to make of it, himself.

He shook his head, frustrated.

"God. It's...I don't know. Aggravating sometimes."

He rolled his eyes.

"He's a dickhole. Though he'd been better lately. But now it's like he's avoiding me."

Aryol turned his gaze back to the man, and pushed the thoughts of Leshovik further from him.

Where he was, who he was with now - that was the important thing. Not what had come before.

His mouth curved upward, resigned and rueful, and he relaxed in the man's arms, letting a hand brush idly across his back.

"There's antagonism," Aryol said with a sigh. "I just don't know how functional it is."

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: Nika shifted to cradle the soldier more fully, rolling onto his back and pulling the man so that he lay sprawled over him.

Liadov slipped out of him in the process, and it made him shiver.

"You have a lover, a Black Ops man, don't you? I thought that was what you implied."

In the scant sentences before I fucked you raw in the alley.

"Was that...him?"

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol let out a low murmur of sound, a quiet pleased noise as the man pulled him close. This was one of Aryol's favorite things, to rest against his lover after sex, to sprawl in bed, lazy and unhurried.

He sighed, pleased.

Aryol spent a few moments in order to get settled, finding the perfect position to lie atop the man without hurting him. They he exhaled, and put his head down, relaxing to utter bonelessness.

"That's him," he muttered, resigned again. "He's so unreasonable. It's frustrating. We kind of broke it off a few days ago, but it almost seemed like we were back on, but now..."

Aryol trailed off, tilting his head upward to meet the MVD major's gaze.

"Well, you saw him. He said we had to talk about something, then hurried off without another glance."

He shook his head, and sighed.

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: "Ah," said Liadov. "Yes, he seemed..."

He paused.

"Do you think he knew?"

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol shook his head.

"Oh, he had no idea. Believe me. He gets jealous like crazy. Even when it's nothing. Especially if it's nothing."

He winced.

"I'd been with him and never even touched another guy for three years up until a few days ago. Not you, someone else. But during that time, if I even looked at someone wrong, he'd get all suspicious and be a jerk about it. But you know, I decided that he doesn't own me and I can do what I want."

Aryol sighed, and laid his head back down on the MVD major's chest again.

He closed his eyes.

"It's not wrong, to want to be with someone who treats you nice."

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: Liadov was silent.

"No," he said. "There's nothing wrong with that."

He frowned.

"What do you think he wants to talk about?"

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: "I don't know," Aryol said, frowning.

It bothered him, vaguely, the thought that Leshovik had some unresolved business with him but didn't care enough to take the time to resolve it. Though maybe it was about things that couldn't be discussed in public.

"Oh," he added, after a moment. "Maybe it's about...well, our assignment. That kind of thing."

He shrugged.

"But anyway...yeah, that's him. I mean, it's not like he can't be nice. It happens. But I'm just tired of him treating me like shit just because he had a bad day."

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: Nika nodded, fingering black curls. Coiling them around tapered Russian fingers.

He'd known men like that.

Out of nowhere, Irinarhov came back into his mind. Hadn't he purred an offer like this one to the Ocelot Captain? Lie back in my arms, Kasya, and let me toy with your ebony locks, shot through with silver...

Liadov felt a rueful moment of shame.

He had an apology to make. A florid one.

"Well," he said, slowly. "Perhaps that's where this oasis we've created comes in handy."

Liadov grinned idly and lapsed into unaccented English.

"Make the world go away," he sang, with an exaggerated crooning lilt. "Take it off my shoulders."

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol laughed in the man's arms, smiled against his chest. Kissed it, affectionately.

When he looked up, his eyes were soft and shining.

"You're funny," he said, and reached to touch his face again, brushing the man's cheek, letting his thumb rest against his cheekbone.

"You're nice, too. I like this, what we have. I'd like it if..."

He hesitated, then offered a small smile.

"This could continue. I'd like to sleep against you at night, comrade."

[livejournal.com profile] nikanor_liadov: Liadov closed his eyes.

It was such a simple request.

Why did it seem so loaded?

Still, it was something they both wanted, if he was honest.

"Yes," he heard himself say. "All right."

His hand curled around the back of the soldier's head and pulled it close, holding it against his chest.

"These cold Russian nights, you have a place beside me as long as you want it."
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